ImmunoCare 60 Vegetarian Capsules

ImmunoCare 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Immuno-Care®, by Celt Naturals, is a patented and clinically tested all-natural plant sterol and antioxidant supplement that “up-regulates” your immune system when it’s underperforming, such as when you’re sick, and “down-regulates” your immune system when it’s overreacting, such as when you’re suffering from allergies.

There are other supplements containing plant sterols, but there is a key reason why Celt Naturals Immuno-Care® is unique: it’s the only “delayed release” plant sterol supplement available on the market.

While other plant sterol products are destroyed in the harsh conditions of the stomach, the “delayed release” feature of Immuno-Care® allows each capsule to arrive fully intact in the small intestine. There, the capsule releases its maximum potential and starts working to regulate your immune system.

Benefits: Seasonal Allergies, Firbomyalgia, Cholesterol, Chronic Inflammation, Heart Disease, Prostate Enlargement, Sterol Deficiency


Immuno-Care®, and its all-natural, plant-based ingredients, is patented in both the United States and Canada. Obtaining these patents has been a long and lengthy process, demonstrating our commitment at Celt Naturals to produce a natural product of the highest quality.


The plant sterols in Celt Naturals Immuno-Care® are all-natural and Certified Non-GMO (genetically modified).

ALL NATURAL: According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), “all natural” is defined as a product that does not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives, with ingredients that are only minimally processed. Celt Naturals subscribes to this ideal, doing all we can to ensure that the ingredients in Immuno-Care® are safe, efficacious, and manufactured to the highest standards. After all, the families of Celt Naturals use our products every day.