Our Story

Kali grew up shopping at The Root Cellar with her mother who was ahead of her time in terms of health and wellness. Her mother Janice, shaped her interpretation of health and made her aware that naturopathic doctors existed which ultimately led to her becoming a naturopathic doctor herself. After practicing in a multi-disciplinary clinic in Ontario for a year, Kali decided to come home to the Island and serendipitously - The Root Cellar came up for sale in 1999. She bought it and established her naturopathic clinic on the 2nd floor, making it convenient for patients to fill their prescriptions in the same building. For many years, it was the only health food store on P.E.I. Shortly after purchasing the store, Charlottetown experienced significant changes in the health food sector. Several large chains opened and began offering many of the same natural products at lower prices. This transition was difficult but necessary and ultimately led to finding our niche - providing exceptional customer service through education. Kali's sister, Nara worked at The Root Cellar while attending UPEI and became manager after completing her BSc. Her exposure to naturopathic medicine through Kali and the many patients visiting the store inspired her to become a naturopathic doctor herself. Fast forward to 2020, Kali has owned the store for 20 years and Nara is the general manager while both of them continue to see patients part-time. Tate Ferris stepped in as manager to cover Nara's maternity leave and continues to manage the store day to day. Assistant manager Jeannie, takes care of most orders while Lindsey, Katie, Joanne, and Andrea wear many hats, not least of all, helping valued customers.

We hope what sets us apart, is that we truly want to educate Islanders so they can achieve optimal health. We are not just here to sell products, we want our community to be vibrant.