Essiac Herbal Extract 300ml

Essiac Herbal Extract 300ml

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ESSIAC® is an herbal formula which helps support the immune system*. Regular users may want to consider using the ESSIAC® program as guidance to ensure that a consistent regime is followed. Below are the daily suggested amounts, should you choose to follow the program.

ESSIAC® is an herbal formula that has been in use since 1922. The formula was given to nurse Rene Caisse from a Canadian Ojibwa Indian. Born in Bracebridge, Ontario, Nurse Caisse prepared her original herbal formula into a drink named Essiac, which is Nurse Caisse's name spelled backwards.


  • No food 1 hour before and after consuming ESSIAC®
  • No juices 30 minutes before and after consuming ESSIAC®
  • Not to be taken during pregnancy, by nursing mothers or infants

Ingredients per 10ml (2 tsp):

Burdock 901.9 mg

Sheep Sorell 179.4 mg

Slippery Elm 68.5 mg

Indian Rhubarb 30.7 mg