Earth's Choice Premium Coconut Milk 160ml

Earth's Choice Premium Coconut Milk 160ml

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Coconut milk and cream are the perfect, dairy-free alternatives for baking and savoury dishes. At Earth’s Choice, we only source coconuts nurtured by farmers on certified organic and sustainable farms in pristine eco-system

  • Organic & Kosher certified
  • Non-BPA, non-BPS can lining
  • Not made from extracts
  • Coconut Fat: Cream (20%), Premium (17%), Light (5%)
  • Product of Thailand


  • What is the can lining made of: A polyester-type material.  It is free of epoxy (which is where BPA & BPS is commonly used) and its derivatives.
  •  Are coconut milks free from peanut and tree nut cross-contamination: Yes.
  • What is guar gum: It comes is a plant related to the pea family; by grinding its seeds to a fine powder, it prevents separation and keeps coconut milk smooth and creamy.