Kids Tick Repellent Stickers 48 pack

Kids Tick Repellent Stickers 48 pack

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Keep your kids tick free this summer with TrailPatch Tick Repellent Stickers! Say goodbye to ticksand fear of the outdoors. Made with safe essential oils, these patches confuse mosquitoes and provide relief to those pesky bites. Parenting just got a whole lot easier (and itch-free)!

Our Tick Repellent Sticker uses natural ingredients to keep you safe: Geranium, Peppermint, Thyme and Cedarwood Essential Oils. With our guarantee to never use dangerous chemicals, our products will always be safe for kids.


  • Kids aged 0-2 need 1 patch: One patch placed centrally on clothes (ie, on their jumpsuit on the stomach, chest), making them perfect bug patches for toddlers.
  • Kids aged 3-5 need 2 patches: One patch on the top clothes (sweater, t-shirt) and one on the shorts, acting as effective tick repellent stickers.
  • Kids aged 6+ and parents need 2-4 patches: One patch on the clothing next to each exposed limb (one on the sleeve of both the left and right arm, and if wearing shorts, one on the left and right side of the shorts), serving as tick barriers.
  • Full protection lasts for 12 hours and wears off over a 24-72 hour period from opening.
  • Formulated and designed in Australia.
  • Sealed stickers still in the package will last up to 24 months
  • Intended for use on clothing not on skin.