Wobenzym N 100 Tablets

Wobenzym N 100 Tablets

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Wobenzym® N 100 Tablets features pancreatin‚ a combination of three pancreatic enzymes that may support digestion. The first of these enzymes is amylase‚ a digestive enzyme found in the saliva of our mouths. As we chew food‚ amylase catalyzes the transformation of starches to sugars‚ potentially making it easier for our bodies to digest them. The second enzyme in Wobenzym® N 100's pancreatin is lipase‚ an enzyme that facilitates the digestion of lipids (fats). Protease‚ the third enzyme‚ potentially allows Wobenzym® N 100 Tablets to assist our body in breaking down the protein we ingest.


Pancreatin** 56‚000 USP units protease (pancreas) Sus scrofa 300 mg / *
Papain** 492 FIP-units*** Carica papaya 180 mg / *
Bromelain** 675 FIP-units Ananas comosus 135 mg / *
Trypsin** 2‚160 FIP-units (pancreas) Sus scrofa and/or Bos taurus 72 mg / *
Chymotrypsin** 900 FIP-units (pancreas) Bos taurus 3 mg / *
Rutoside trihydrate** (Rutin) Sophora japonica 150 mg / *

Other ingredients:

Cellulose‚ vegetable-based enteric coating‚ vegetable stearate‚ natural vanilla flavor‚ purified water.