Aura Cacia Spray Mist Bottle 118ml

Aura Cacia Spray Mist Bottle 118ml

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The Aura Cacia Silver Mist Bottle is carefully designed to be an ideal container for your homemade body and home care products made with essential oils. Use it for body mists, face mists, air freshening sprays and cleaning sprays. 

  • Light, compact and easy to carry with you to use on the go.
  • Protects essential oils from light exposure.

Suggested uses:

Recipe: Awakening Car Mist
6 drops Aura Cacia Peppermint Essential Oil
6 drops Aura Cacia Spearmint Essential Oil
12 drops Aura Cacia Sweet Orange Essential Oil
1 teaspoon Aura Cacia Grapeseed Oil
4 fluid ounces water
4-oz. Aura Cacia Empty Mist Bottle

Directions: Combine oils and water in mist bottle. Mist airspace during long commutes.